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12V 100A IU battery charger/power supply
Double voltage limitation
Ventillator cooling


Technical data:
- input voltage: 230V AC, 50Hz
- nominal charging voltage: 12V DC
- max. charging current: 100A DC
- max. charging voltage: 14,4V±0,1V
- max. consumption from batt. (no mains): 50mA
- ambient temperature: 0-40°C
- operation temperature: max.60°C
- charging characteristics: IUu- 100A-14,4V-13,6V
- size: 140*200*280mm
- weight: 7 kg
- IP class: 30
- protection: I.class (earthing)
- cooling: over 40ºC ventilator cooling
Protected against short circuit and sparking.

Data sheet (pdf)

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