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12V 32A battery charger
processor controlled



1232 Battery Charger

Forex T1232 is one of the most advanced battery charger on the market. Thank to the processor controlled technology it uses special charging characteristics which ensure the fast and safe charging and also the dischargeable capacity and lifespan of the battery is maximized. It has pulse charging mode for regenerating the batteries.  32A maximal charging current ensures  very fast charging.

Technical specifications:

  • Nominal voltage : 230V AC 50Hz
  • Nominal charging voltage: 12V
  • Max. Charging current:32A
  • Max charging voltage :adjustable, max 15V
  • Consumtion from the battery :30mA
  • Dimensions:112*88*230 ,
  • Weight: 2,1 kg 
  • Charging modes: IUU , IU, Pulse mode, Step down 


Pulse charging

In these days most chargers has a charging mode called "Pulse charging" . It usually means some high frequency noise on the charging voltage. If this is effective , it is hard to prove. Forex T1232 is working a completely other way. Instead of putting with high frequency noise on the charging voltage, it y makes short ( 5ms) DISCHARGE periods during charging. In detail: It charges the battery with 32A for 110ms , then the battery is resting for 30ms , then there is a 5ms discharge with 50A . This ensures active movement of the electrons , and this causes the secunder sulphate layer to dissolve. So the active plate surface if growing and as a result the capacity is growing.  

"Step down" charging mode

This charging mode was invented by our engineers. Thanks to this "step down" charging the battery spents a very short time on 14.4 (14,8) V , so there is far less gassing then in case of standards IUU charging , where 70% of the charging is performed on 1 "Step down" characteristics means, that when the voltage reaches 14 the charging current by 50%. As a result of this current reduction, the voltage will drop also. Then the charger charges the battery with t Then it reduces the charging current again by 50% . It repeats these steps until the current is less then 1A. Using this method, the charging is 100% safe, and fast. And also the discharg maximized

Intelligent timers

In many cases there are consumers connected to the battery during charging. It results, that battery chargers do not drop their voltage to 13.6 at the end of the charging (because they can't detect if the current is flowing to the battery or to towards the consumer). So the battery is kept on 14.4V for a long time (even for weeks!). This causes overcharging and shortens the lifespan of the battery. A Forex 1232 charger measure the time since the beginning of the charging, and after a certain amount of time it reduces the voltage to 13.6V . This keeps the battery fully charged and also supplies the connected consumers.  

Temperature compensation

The charger detects the temperature, and automatically changes the charging voltage according to compensate the too hot or cold temperature. There is also a possibility to connect temperature sensor which measures the temperature of the battery. 


Data sheet (pdf)

Introduction (pdf)

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