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Disconnecting Relay



Operating principle
Disconnecting relays consist of an electronics running a high current (max. 100A) relay, which disconnects the battery connected to its input from the battery/consumer connected to its output when it is necessary. Bistable disconnecting relay ensures that the system doesn’t load the battery when it is not in use because the consumption is appr. 1mA. During change of state it takes only impulse-like current meanwhile switching from one stable state to the other.


  • Charging disconnecting
  • Ensures  the starting ability of the starter battery in a 2-batteries system.
  • Ensures the charging of both batteries during charging.
  • Disconnects the 2 batteries when they are not under charging. (12,8 V and 25,6V)
  • In assistant mode the well charged secunder battery can help the primer battery during starting.
  • Prevents against deep discharge
  • Restrains discharging of the battery below 11V and 22V by the consumers.



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