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Tester 625 USB

TE 625 USB

6V Battery Tester 0.3-25A .
All tests are stored on a USB Pendrive.
Even 200 cycles are possible.


Captest 6/25  USB version

Forex Battery Tester LCD display 6V 0.3-25A .

This constant current battery tester can discharge batteries with maximum 25A constant current.. It measures and stores the time-voltage-current values , it can be transfreed to a pc later via USB cable. 

 After the test all the data can be displayed using akku software. You can analyze the charging and discharging curvers, making test reports.

Operation manual



Technical Data:                                                  12V Version       24V Version 6V Version
Measured Voltage Range:                                            6-18V   12-32 V 0V -20 V
Max. Input Voltage :                                                             18.6 30V  8V 
Min Input Voltage:                         9 V                                            12 V 4,5 V
Discharging current:                            0.3-25 (0.1 A steps)    0.3-25A (0.1 A steps) 0.3-25A (0.1 A steps)
Current error:                                   +2% + 0.05A +2% + 0.05A  
Cut off voltage                                9-18,6 V                                12-30V 3,9V - 7,5V
Charging time:                                                          1h -99 h  1h -99 h 1h -99 h
Max Number of cycles:


Dimensions                                                        200*140*190 [mm]  200*140*190 [mm] 200*140*190 [mm]
Weight.                                                                               2 Kg  2 Kg 2 Kg




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