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Tester 12/25 PD

TE 1225 PD

Battery Tester 0.3-25A .
All tests are stored on a USB Pendrive.
Even 200 cycles are possible.


Captest 12/25  Pendrive version

Forex Battery Tester LCD display 12V 0.3-25A .

This constant current battery tester can discharge batteries with maximum 25A constant current.. It measures and stores the time-voltage-current values to a USB stick. After the test all the data can be displayed using akku software. You can analyze the charging and discharging curvers, making test reports.

No PC-Tester cable is needed. All tests are stored on a USB Pendrive. 
Even 200 cycles are possible with all current - voltage - time values.
What is the main difference between the original 12V 25A tester and the 1225 PD tester?
  1. Cycle number : The old version could perform 8 charge/discharge cycle  , the PD teszter can perform 200 cycles
  2. Voltage range: The PD teszter has a wider voltage range(  9V -18,6 V ) , so it can be used for lithium battery capacity testing.
  3. Data storing and transfer: The old version stored all the measured data in the memory. After the test in can be connected to a PC and you can download the data.  
  4. Storage:The PD teszter stores all data on a USB stick. (All time/voltage/current data).  After the test, you can simply plug the USB stick into your laptop or PC , and view all charge / discharge curves, make reports, zoom the graph etc.


Technical Data:                                                  12V Version       24V Version
Measured Voltage Range:                                            6-18V   12-32 V
Max. Input Voltage :                                                             18.6 30V
Min Input Voltage:                         9 V                                            12 V
Discharging current:                            0.3-25 (0.1 A steps)    0.3-25A (0.1 A steps)
Current error:                                   +2% + 0.05A +2% + 0.05A
Cut off voltage                                9-18,6 V                                12-30V
Charging time:                                                          1h -99 h  1h -99 h
Max Number of cycles:


Dimensions                                                        200*140*190 [mm]  200*140*190 [mm]
Weight.                                                                               2 Kg  2 Kg


How to use this tester - Testing tips:

Sample report file.pdf

User manual (PDF)

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