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Charging Equalizer 6V - 12A

May be used for even large capacity 6V batteries (vehicles or deep cycle application)


6 V batteries connected in series can never be charged equally. One of them takes lower the other one higher charging voltage at the same charging current. This imbalance is self progressive and shortens the life of  both batteries, due to:- sulphating (caused by undercharging) and drying up then cell short circuit (caused by overcharging). With the  FOREX charging equalizer you can make sure that both batteries get the proper charging voltage.

  • decreasing voltage on the overcharged battery
  • increasing voltage on the undercharged battery
  • increased starting current because of equal state of charge
  • increased battery life
  • increased dischargable capacity


When to use?

  • May be used for large capacity batteries (vehicles or deep cycle application
  • There can be 6V consumers on one battery (max 3A)


  • Continously provides equalisation (not only during charging)  (if the battery votlage is above 5,2 V)

LED signals

  • Continous  - Operation is ok. Equalising current is higher then 5A
  • Blinking  - very small equalising current  (Batteries are almosr equalised)
  • Light blinking - Batteries are equalised


-    6V-os batteries connected in series
-    Cleaning machines



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